"We’ve been stationary relative to the industries that are around us."

In October 2019, Glenn Shapiro, president of personal lines for Allstate Insurance gave a talk at InsureTech Connect, the most comprehensive and global gathering of tech entrepreneurs, investors, and insurance industry incumbents. The subject of his talk focused on the need for aligning company and customer interests, using technology trends to do so. Our goal as the creative team was to make the presentation more visually engaging and dynamic, elevating it beyond a simple slide to slide presentation.

Glenn Shapiro's presentation software of choice was PowerPoint, which was non-negotiable. Still, this allowed us to use MP4s to work in transitions that were more elegant as well as animated loops during stationary slides.

Projects like this are nice and easy. It started with me receiving slides as well as the script and all of the corresponding artwork, such as Illustrator files. It was then up to me to decide how everything would move.

Slides with Script

Layered AI Files

I got to work by going to into each Illustrator file and assessing where I wanted to break up the artwork as I prepped for rigging and animation. Saving out each file with the artboard included ensured that every layer lined up perfectly when I imported it all into After Effects.

As I built out my animations there was an ongoing conversation with the art director to guage pacing and mood, and I'd go back into a section a number of times to refine small details that we may have missed. If things needed to change or the script got updated (which was often the case) I'd make the necessary adjustments and we'd take another look before moving on to the next thing.

As the project continued to be fleshed out, I turned my focus onto transitions between slides as well as areas that were good for creating loops so that the screen didn't remain static.

Slide Transitions

Animated Loops

When you're building out a project that will be presented by a corporate president you'll be revisiting parts of these processes a number of times, all the way to the final project, final final project, final project rev01, FINAL PROJECT.